NelliDesigns™ Gift Candles ~
Celebrate Your Dog – AND NOW CAT – Love with Candles Worth Wagging (and Purring) About. 

Maggie’s Light™ Memorial Candles ~

Inspired by one dog, but in honor of all pets everywhere

about our candles

Whether you are shopping for a gift candle or a maggie’s light memorial candle, we do our best to create the perfect candle that reflects the uniqueness of you and your pet.

clean burning

At NelliDesigns™, we work on every order beginning with pouring each candle individually with eco-soy wax, an all natural vegetable wax without additives for the cleanest burn.  Eco-Soy wax also offers the best scent throw so that you can enjoy your candles’ fragrance to the fullest.  Each candle is hand assembled and packaged according to your specifications.  

honoring that special pet

For a memorial,  you can choose from a selection of quotes, and/or request a personal message for memorializing that perfect pet. Each candle comes packaged with a booklet about maggie’s light by nellidesigns, a special poem and donation card noting a donation has been made to one of our rescue groups in the name of your pet.  Also, our natural leather collars are the perfect place to hang a pet’s tags for a truly personal touch.

give the gift of art

Our  gift candles are more than just candles – they’re ART.  Art by WACSO, Walkin’ Around Checkin’ Stuff Out.  And the best “stuff” to check out are dogs & cats!  These new gift candles feature WACSO’s original art depicting the whimsical personalities of Maggie & Nelli – our company’s founders – in addition to all their pooch pals, and feline friends.

So, whether you are shopping for a memorial or a gift, we have the selection to make it all your own.

Because your candle should be as unique as your wag.

-Kathy & Nelli


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