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We’re nearing the end of January and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  Fortunately we have just what you need to heat things up ~ whether you are with someone passionate for pooches or frisky for felines, our gift candles are just the ticket!  Shop out our matchstick bottles and notecards for the perfect pet-lover Valentines gift set.

As an added bonus, each sale goes towards a donation to rescue groups to help ensure more dogs and cats find true love with more loving familes nationwide.

Cheers to puppy love and kitty kisses ~

Kathy & Nelli

After a year away from blogging, we have a NEW Post to share; its a year to be thankful, for sure!

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“It’s one of my favorite things to send to any dog lover, in light of happiness, sadness or just to say hello. Thank you for these gifts!”

-Molly Feeney-Kochevar

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