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Fall is in the air and our evenings are now around bonfires burning big sticks fetched by our best friends.   Bring that outside air in with our Big Stick scented candles from both Maggie’s Light Memorial candles and Nelli’s Gift Candles. Or opt for the woodsy smells of fir and evergreen tress with our NEW MNMutt candles that celebrate our Minnesota pride (more states coming soon!).

As an added bonus, each sale goes towards a donation to rescue groups to help ensure more dogs and cats find a home with more loving familes nationwide.

Here’s to walks in the woods ~

Kathy & Nelli

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“It’s one of my favorite things to send to any dog lover, in light of happiness, sadness or just to say hello. Thank you for these gifts!”

-Molly Feeney-Kochevar

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