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Happy New Year!!!  And THANK YOU for making our 2016 so enjoyable and profitable!  Without your continued support, we would be nothing. So thank you for choosing us for your pet lover gifts all year around and supporting rescue organizations through your purchases.  In 2017, we are excited to partner with Animal Folks and Animal Folks MN.  To learn more about them, and their incredible mission, visit: http://www.animalfolksmn.org/mission.html

Also, effective January 15, we will be increasing the price for our memorial candles to align with the rising costs of the goods that go into each memorial candle.  We do not want to sacrifice our quality that you have come to love, and we want to continue to support US Made goods as much as possible.  Thank you in advance for your support and understanding!

Cheers to another great year with all of you!

Kathy & Nelli

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“It’s one of my favorite things to send to any dog lover, in light of happiness, sadness or just to say hello. Thank you for these gifts!”

-Molly Feeney-Kochevar

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