Spring is here! So bring in that fresh spring air with our NEW GIFT CANDLESeach features original illustrations by local Minneapolis artist, WACSO – Walkin’ Around Checkin’ Stuff Out.  And each is scented with the fragrances of Spring: Rolling in Grass, Wet Dog, Big Stick and Lazy Days,  SOON we will be offering new designs featuring the mischievious, curious eyes and whispy whiskers of cozy CATS ~ so Stay Tuned!!  

But if it’s memories of cuddles with your furry friend who is no longer with you that have you feeling meloncholy, then check out our line of MEMORIAL CANDLES so you can honor that special pooch and feel warm again with your favorite memories.

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“It’s one of my favorite things to send to any dog lover, in light of happiness, sadness or just to say hello. 
Thank you for these gifts!”

-Molly Feeney-Kochevar

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