NEW! KuhlStudio Home Collection


Welcome to KuhlStudio Home Collection!

Of course we LOVE LOVE LOVE our pets!! But even we enjoy celebrating the changing seasons with fragrance collections that ring in the smells of Spring's fresh flowers, Summer's beachy vacations, Autumn's falling leaves and Winter's pine trees and drifting snowflakes. 

Each collection is offered for a limited time only, with a limited selection available.  So jump on these offerings!

To kick-off our new candle collection, we teamed up with Kajo Inscriptions to engrave on our concrete lids a nod to winter's white scenery.  Our fragrance for these new candles warms your home with the scent of holiday's balsam fir, cedar wood and juniper berry. We have gifted candles with this fragrance and receive requests for more. So we know you'll love it too! 

Available while supplies last.