Giving Bark, Our way of Giving Back


Because every dog deserves a reason to wag.  

Since Maggie taught us the value of love – and passing along that love – we give a portion of our profits to no-kill rescue organizations that are committed to finding loving homes for pets in need.  

Since adopting Nelli from Homeward Bound of MN, we feel its important to help them continue thier crusade to finding loving homes for dogs and cats from around Minnesota, as well as those rescued from over crowded shelters nationwide.  

We also support Animal Folks MN because we agree with their philosophy that all animals deserve a protected life.  And by bringing animals and people together, they can enrich each other’s lives. Not only does Animal Folks MN aid in the rescue of abandoned and homeless and animals, but also work tirelessly on legislating on behalf of animal rights.  Because how we treat animals defines who we are as individuals and a state.

For more information about these organizations, and how to donate to support their hard work, please visit their links:


We also work with and support fellow businesses with a mission to celebrate and honor our best friends.

SarahBeth Photography

We have had the honor of working with Sarah Ernhart on a number of occasions.  And every time we do, we are amazed at how she has captured the pure joy that is Nelli.  In fact, the opening photo of Nelli & I was captured during a shoot for our business, and speaks to just how in sync Nelli & I are with each other. 
In addition, Sarah also has what she calls, Joy Sessions. If your pet is nearing the end, Sarah will work with you on a final photo session of you and your pet.  These photos are treasures for everyone who works with Sarah.  For more information, visit her at


When your pet has entered their senior years, it is the most heartbreaking and difficult time for everyone involved. MNPets offers in-home services to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with a pet's chronic pain at this stage.  They offer acupuncture to help relieve chronic pain to ensure your pet experiences a more comfortable and happy life despite illness or the effects of old age.
Additionally, MNPets offers in-home euthanasia to provide a more comfortable transition for you and your pet.  Since most pets at this stage of their life find being transported to a vet's office too painful and stressful, MNPet's in-home service ensures peaceful and loving last moments with your pet.  If you are not in MN, call your vet's office for information  about in-home euthanasia in your area.
Dying to Bloom
We have had the pleasure of working with Kerry at Dying to Bloom in Nyack, NY.  Dying to Bloom is dedicated to providing clean and ecologically friendly alternatives to pet sympathy gifts.  They offer gifts to comfort those experiencing pet bereavement that are looking to honor and memorialize their best friends.  Customers can choose from a range of pet sympathy gifts such as ash pendant jewelry, biodegradeable urns, environmentally friendly caskets and of course, our candles.